Why I'm in low mood...

No reason? nonono....there must have some reasons that i don't what to face..

recycle....it has been long time that i am not in such a low mood....

what wrong with me?!

cut my hair today afternoon to see if it will be better to my mood...

some how, 

seems have some chages, but not so strong!!

I still in my sad , no worth to talk about , low ....mood!
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  • yumeilu
  • hey, cheer up!!
    cut your hair, huh?

    XD(就是怎樣都要伸圖就是了 哈)
  • 看到人就不用照片啦

    Ya-Ling Tseng 於 2008/09/19 20:39 回覆

  • yating1030
  • reach too
  • 哈哈...

    Ya-Ling Tseng 於 2008/09/19 20:39 回覆